Swiss authorities' plans to limit travel in electric cars criticized

Importers of cars in Switzerland criticized the government's plans to impose restrictions on owners of electric cars. This was reported by Reuters on December 12.

In early December, Der Spiegel magazine wrote with reference to a draft regulation that Switzerland could become the first European country to impose restrictions on electric cars because of the power shortage. According to the document, in case of deterioration of the situation with the energy crisis, the use of electric cars by private individuals may be allowed only for urgent trips.

According to the newspaper, urgent trips include trips to work, groceries, medical appointments, fitness centers, court hearings or religious events.

Importers believe that with electricity shortages, people will prefer gasoline or diesel-powered cars.

Meanwhile, dealers, the association specifies, are working hard to promote electric cars, from advertising to personalized sales offers.

According to the organization, the government's proposal would stifle sales of electric cars and jeopardize the sector's prospects of meeting its carbon reduction targets.

Earlier in the day, the British newspaper Financial Times, citing data from leasing company LeasePlan, wrote that the cost of owning an electric car has equaled that of its gasoline counterparts.