Switzerland warned of the risk of power shortages

Switzerland has warned of the threat of energy shortages in the country. In this regard, Zurich said it is necessary to review the energy system of the country for its long-term supply. This was stated in a statement on the website of the Federal Council of Switzerland, published on December 13.

"Energy security can no longer be taken for granted, and the risk of energy shortages has become a bitter reality," the report said.

They also warned that to prevent energy shortages, Switzerland has to change its energy consumption policy, otherwise the energy and climate goals set for 2050 will not be achieved, Gazeta.Ru notes.

"Without a significant acceleration in the development of renewable energy sources and significant efficiency gains, a targeted transformation and expansion of networks, and a close exchange of energy with Europe, Switzerland will not achieve its energy and climate goals by 2050," the Association of Swiss Energy Companies (AES) noted in its conclusion.

To this end, the AES considers it necessary to declare security of supply as a national interest of the country, as well as to do everything possible to remove any obstacles.

In early December, it became known that Switzerland could become the first European country to impose restrictions on electric cars due to power shortages. In case the situation with the energy crisis worsens, the use of electric cars by private individuals may be allowed only for urgent trips. However, such a measure has been criticized by Swiss car importers.

On November 29, the Swiss Gas Industry Association (VSG) pointed out that there is still a risk that the country could experience a gas shortage in winter.

On August 31, Switzerland launched a national campaign to prevent electricity and gas supply disruptions in the coming winter. The national campaign will run until April next year. Reportedly, its goal is to attract the general public and the economic community to the topic.