Tibet House Switzerland Foundation was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Lugano, in the Italian-speaking Canton of Ticino. The purpose of the Foundation is to find creative and innovative ways to diffuse tibetan philosophy and wisdom to inspire the lives of western leading edge thinkers, entrepreneurs, artists and many others of all generations, promoting peace and compassion.

With this aim, Tibet House Switzerland holds yearly conferences with notable Tibetan scholars, presents art exhibitions, and sponsors both educational and self-sustenance projects to help Tibetan refugee villages in India and throughout Asia.

Switzerland was the first European country to offer asylum to Tibetans in 1961. Tibetan refugees first went to Samedan, in the Engadin, as it was thought that the high altitude of this charming village would help them acclimatize. Today, Switzerland is home to the largest European community of Tibetans. Because of the dynamism and age of the Tibetan presence in Switzerland, Tibet House Switzerland Foundation is uniquely poised to offer a highly interesting yearly cultural programme for both novitiates and initiates in Tibetan Buddhist culture alike.

Our organization is a non-profit institution founded in July 1999. Its purpose is to contribute to the preservation of the ancient spiritual and cultural Tibetan heritage. It has strong direct connections with Tibet House U.S. and other similarly oriented cultural institutions.

Tibet is a country where culture, language, religion and art are at risk of extinction. To avoid this irreparable loss it is Tibet House Switzerland Foundation's purpose to contribute in keeping this culture alive. In Switzerland there is the largest community of Tibetans-in-exile (over 2'500 members) existing in the West, in and around the Zurich area.

THSF promotes Tibetan art and artists, fundraising and organizes events, exhibitions,lectures, seminars, concerts, festivals, publications of books and articles. Safeguards Tibetan culture in all its aspects artistic and religious heritage by preserving, protecting and collecting every traditional form of Tibetan art and culture.

Tibet House Switzerland Foundation is part of a worldwide network of Tibet House institutions, all committed to keeping alive the power of Tibetan culture, heritage, science, and religion, bringing this ancient and complex system that intertwines the historical and mythical spheres to the understanding of all.